While reading different Nigerian dailies today 27th October, 2014 I came across the above news. While I respect the standpoint of both the Governor Amaechi of Rivers State and the intending response of Reuben Abati (I omitted the “Dr” for a reason) who holds Ph.D in Dramatic Literature, Theory and Criticism. Amaechi on his part did expressly said the Goodluck government have not executed any project in Rivers State, in responding Abati accused Amaechi of falsehood, rascality and libel, he further threatened legal action against Amaechi. I have followed the fracas between Amaechi and the Presidency.

I will not support Amaechi’s allegation neither would I back that of the presidential spokesperson. However, for posterity sake the two parties should come out boldly to support their viewpoints with acceptable evidences. While we all know that the Federal Government owe Nigerians the provision of basic infrastructure as well as the protection of lives and properties, I therefore task Governor Amaechi to further justify his position.

On the other hand, since Amaechi have accused the Federal Government of abandoning his State, the Presidency should highlight its activities/achievements in the oil rich State of Rivers with tenable evidences. While I was in the University all my teachers who hold doctorate degree will always justify the submissions/explanations with considerable empirical evidence(s). I would have expected that the presidential spokesperson give traceable evidence(s), even if it was just one to counter the statement of the Rivers State Governor. His (Abati) inability to state any evidence made me remove the “Dr” before his name.

While reading his statement in today’s punch Monday 27th October, 2014 page 16, I was expecting a logical conclusion with justifications to seal his submission; however, it was disappointing that the piece ended with the reaction of the Chief of Staff of Rivers State Government, Chief Tony Okocha. Abati should further explain to Nigerians the projects that are being executed by the Jonathan’s administration in Rivers State.

Finally, I will plead with the good people of Rivers State who have the first hand information to publish their opinions/facts on the subject matter. PDP have been in power for almost sixteen years and I wonder what their scorecard will look like in terms of development in these sixteen years of governance, looking at the pictures publish on page 58 & 59 of today’s ThisDay newspaper 27th October, 2014.

God Bless Nigeria!!!




  1. well said, by a good and intelligent friend there. I quite appreciate the intelligence of young Nigerians like this, it shows that Nigeria’s future is quite bright with brilliance you have shown with this article only if we are given chance

    My take on this is that Federal government should come out with numbers of projects that have been executed in Rivers state since the inception of Jonathan administration. Governor ROTIMI AMAECHI has been challenging Jonathan led administration of this ineptitude for numbers of the months now since they have parted ways under their Poverty Development Party umbrella.


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